2019-07-06 12:13
Facebook post of Jobbik MEP Márton Gyöngyösi
2019-05-17 07:48
Márton Gyöngyösi's open letter
2019-04-20 12:51
Jobbik's EP candidate Ágnes Szalayné Pánczél talked to Alfahí
2019-04-08 10:24
Márton Gyöngyösi talked to Alfahír news site.
2019-03-20 08:15
Márton Gyöngyösi's post on Facebook
2019-03-13 18:05
Márton Gyöngyösi's Facebook post.
2019-02-21 17:46
Márton Gyöngyösi talks to Válasz Magazine
2019-02-17 17:02
Article of Jobbik MP Dr. Koloman Brenned on Hungarian news site
2018-10-01 08:05
"The greatest achievement of our initiative lies in the fact that the citizens’ consultation launched by the EChas considered the objective we identified as a potential new core principle for the