The invasion of Ukraine marks a clear milestone in history. It has become evident that Russia no longer wishes to abide by the norms that were based on the post-WW2 cooperation or at least co-existence of the world’s countries. The question is not only how far Putin is willing to go with regard to the territories on the east of the EU’s borders. We also need to see how he will try to use his western cronies in this new situation.

The politicians who are closest to the Russian regime, such as Orbán, Salvini and Le Pen, also found themselves in a situation they are quite unaccustomed to.

Operating with relative ease thus far, they have been able to hide their Kremlin-conducted destructive activities behind patriotic slogans and the “Europe of nations” catchphrase. No matter how hard they are trying to re-position themselves however, now everyone clearly sees who and what they are serving.

The other day Matteo Salvini was caught up in an embarrassing situation in Poland, where he went to demonstrate his sudden impulse to help refugees. On his arrival at a border village however, he was met by the local mayor holding up a Putin T-shirt, just like the one Salvini was wearing during his Moscow trip. The ashamed Italian politician had no choice but to stumble away.

Although Viktor Orbán, albeit quite reluctantly, eventually joined in the anti-Russia sanctions, the Hungarian government’s propaganda is so deeply entrenched in its pro-Russia stance that the Prime Minister finds it increasingly difficult to continue his double talk of appearing pro-Europe in the west and pro-Putin at home.

The most fanatic members of his voter base got to the point where they clearly expect him to serve Putin’s system, for which Orbán has no one else to blame but himself. However, while he will probably be able to show his true colours at home, arguing against the anti-Russia sanctions and suggesting that Ukraine’s capitulation would be the best solution, he will have to face the consequences of yet another embarrassing incident in the west.

As revealed by French far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen’s asset declaration, she received a campaign-funding loan of €10.6 million from Hungary’s MKB Bank with ties to Orbán’s strawman, Lőrinc Mészáros.

It’s hard to believe that a Hungarian bank suddenly found investing into the French far right to be such a great business opportunity that it decided to put so much money into Le Pen’s campaign. In a much more likely scenario, the loan was granted under political pressure, and the origin of the money is hardly in question if you know who have been Le Pen’s greatest sponsors so far…

Considering that France is a somewhat more transparent and democratic country than Hungary, it will probably be more difficult for Le Pen’s defenders to hush up the issue of the money coming via Hungary from, most probably, Russia.

The only remaining question is what Europe will do to eliminate this web of politicians who are traitors of their own countries and Europe as well.