Dear Friends,

Allow me to proudly present our website where you can read the latest information on the activities of Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary. Three decades have passed since Hungary stepped on the path of European integration. Back then we were dreaming about becoming a member of a successful community resting on solid foundations. However, our continent is now nearly torn apart by conflicting interests. Today’s European Union is characterized by crises while Hungary echoes with the ideological disputes of the past. What we aim for Europe is to once again become a fair continent that shows solidarity and respects its Christian values the way it was envisioned by the founding fathers of European integration. As for Hungary, we want it to become a free, democratic and competitive country, just as we wished for at the time when Communism collapsed. Come with us!

Best regards,

Márton Gyöngyösi


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Himnusz - National Anthem

Isten, áldd meg a magyart,
Jó kedvvel, bőséggel,
Nyújts feléje védő kart,
Ha küzd ellenséggel;
Bal sors akit régen tép,
Hozz rá víg esztendőt,
Megbűnhődte már e nép
A múltat s jövendőt!