"You can't get away with stealing the people's money"

Jobbik will hold accountable all those who try to deprive us of our freedom and will continue to fight for Europe serving justice for Eastern Central European member states at last, even if Viktor Orbán refuses to help them. We “just can’t live without freedom.”

On the 169th anniversary of the 1848 Revolution, Jobbik commemorated the event on 15th March Square, Budapest. The speakers at the rally were Dr Andrea Varga-Damm, Dániel Z. Kárpát, Erik Fülöp and the party’s president Gábor Vona, who said they set such a goal that had never even been attempted before.

Photo: Balázs Béli/Alfahír

“If we really want, there will be huge changes in this country"

In her speech, lawyer Dr. Andrea Varga-Damm drew several parallels between 1848 and 2017, including how the revolutionary changes started. She explained that “we had to grow up to fully understand why 1848 was the Morning Star of nations”. Dr Varga-Damm identified many similarities in terms of the demands, too.

Dr. Andrea Varga-Damm (Photo: Balázs Béli/Alfahír

In 1848, people demanded freedom of the press and the elimination of censorship in 1848, while today’s media outlets, financed from the taxpayers’ money, are busy distorting the truth again. Our ancestors demanded responsible government, which we don’t have today either, hence the so many victims of foreign currency loans and the thousands of community workers in Hungary. In the 19th century, they wanted the Parliament to have a session each year. Now there are weekly sessions but they sank to the level of bar brawls, she explained.

She called it astounding that we say we are one of the most talented nations and we still lag behind like this. “But do not lose heart,” she said, “because if we really want, there will be huge changes in this country”.

“After replacing the government of vassals, we will build a Hungary that has more freedom and independence"

Jobbik’s vice president Dániel Z. Kárpát reminded the audience that the government still wanted to exterminate Hungarians, drive them away from here and try to control just about anything from the results of football matches to the Hungarian tax system.

Meanwhile, “our desiccated economy has as much chance for success as a snowball in hell.” In Mr Z. Kárpát’s view, we have a government that calls others modern day slaves while the government itself consists of vassals. Meanwhile Hungary is the country where the net wages grew the least and where foreign currency loans were not converted into HUF at the exchange rate valid at the time of taking them. He also mentioned that the subsidies for job creation are paid to multinational companies instead of Hungarian SMEs while the Orbán government tries to attract foreign investors by such messages as “Hungarian labour is cheap”.

“Jobbik will get back each and every HUF for the affected citizens, and put in the dock all the bankers and politicians involved,” this is how Mr Z. Kárpát referred to the Orbán government’s making a deal with the banks instead of holding them accountable.

Dániel Z. Kárpát (Photo: Balázs Béli/Alfahír

“After removing the government of vassals, we will build a Hungary with more freedom and independence,” the vice president of the largest opposition party asserted.

“You can't get away with stealing the people's money”

“Any nation that gives up on itself is not worthy of freedom.” Erik Fülöp, Jobbik’s vice president and Mayor of Tiszavasvári quoted the revolution’s hero Pál Vasvári, who was born in the town now headed by Mr Fülöp. He believes if Vasvári were alive today, he would say that this nation is not worthy of freedom.

The Jobbik-delegated mayor pointed out the difference between the nobles of the early 19th century and the leaders of today: the former established Academies, hospitals and libraries while the latter are land-grabbers, stooges, mobsters and criminals who build overpriced football stadiums instead. “The nobles of the 19th century still felt the responsibility for their nation.” he added.

Erik Fülöp (Photo: Balázs Béli/Alfahír

“What kind of leaders do we have now?” he asked. The answer was: we have Andy Vajna, Árpád Habony, Antal Rogán, Lőrinc Mészáros, “not to mention our king, Viktor Orbán, who tolerates and even backs the deprivation of our nation”.

“Fidesz can be defeated, that’s what we have already done three times in Tiszavasvári and that’s what we are preparing to do again,” the vice president asserted, explaining that citizens “have had enough of what this government of oligarchs does to our country. You can’t get away with stealing the people’s money”. Working for and joining forces with the people, Jobbik will replace Fidesz in 2018 and hold all the culprits accountable, he concluded.

“We have set a goal that nobody else has set before: wage union”

“We cannot live without freedom,” this is how Jobbik’s president Gábor Vona summarized the message of March: “This is the month when we are the most proud to be Hungarian.” We have also learnt that freedom has two parts: our external freedom may be taken away by the viceroys serving foreign powers while we can be deprived of our internal freedom by Hungarian feudal lords. Under the Socialist governments, we experienced what it was like to be governed by viceroys, and now we have learnt what it is like to live under feudal lords. We want neither of them, the party president asserted.

In his view, the leaders of the 1848 revolution truly represented all Hungarians: “the soul of the people and the identity of the nation became one.” The 20th century taught us what happens when these two are separated. [Communist ruler] “János Kádár persecuted the nation on the pretext of working for the people, while Viktor Orbán, a reverse Kádár, tries to exclude the people on the pretext of working for the nation.” That’s why the reforms don’t work, the president explained, adding that the nation equalled the people and the people equalled the nation. If you separate these two, what you get is either Kádárism or Orbánism: we lose our freedom, justice and security. That is why Jobbik works for the people and the nation. Those who don’t understand this duality, no matter how much money and how many stooges or secret service agents they have, will be judged by the people.

Gábor Vona (Photo: Balázs Béli/Alfahír

Explaining what freedom means in this context, Mr Vona mentioned that such matters as what we could have a referendum about, who the President of the Republic was, whether Hungarians living in foreign countries could vote by mail or where, how long and how many narrow-gauge railways, football stadiums and hospitals could be built should not be decided by Viktor Orbán.

“The people want justice and those who shrug them off will gasp in astonishment when Jobbik comes into power.” As its first step, the Jobbik government would tax newly-amassed mega-fortunes by adopting a feudal-lord tax. It would be followed by Lex “Lúdas Matyi”, a legislation “to take away any illegally-amassed fortunes,” he explained. Mr Vona emphasized that “corruption kills, makes you stupid and miserable”.

Talking about the other demands of the people, he said they were: “what we were promised at the time of our EU accession”. He informed the audience about the historic initiative and a historic success achieved on Friday: a Citizens’ Committee (headed by Jobbik’s Márton Gyöngyösi and hosted by Budapest) was formed of delegates from eight Eastern Central European countries in order to “reach a goal that has never been set before: a wage union for Europe”.

Jobbik’s international initiative aims to make the EU do justice for Eastern Central Europe: to pay equal wages for equal work. He called it a historical shame that earlier Hungarian governments had never raised this issue before.

PM Orbán declared in Parliament that he refused to back the wage union initiative. In Mr Vona’s view, the essence of Orbánism is this: “Only Fidesz! He is interested in nothing but his own benefit.” Nevertheless, “we started the fight without him,” Mr Vona claimed, adding that he was fully aware that such changes could not be accomplished without competitive Hungarian enterprises.

“The wage union is about a new Europe. We have never asked for charity, what we ask for is to be given equal chances. And that’s what Viktor Orbán refuses to back.” Talking about the German EU Commissioner’s recent interview where he admitted that the structural funds given to Hungary go back to the German economy, Mr Vona said this was what the Hungarian Prime Minister should be focusing on.


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