Why do Fidesz-Christian Democrats protect murderers?

Fidesz seems to be consistently protecting corrupt politicians, criminals and murderers, not only in Hungary but now internationally, too. Voting against an independent investigation into the mob-style execution of the Maltese fact-finding journalist is in stark contrast with universal human values. On her quest for the truth, an innocent journalist suffered a violent death but her tragedy, according to the Fidesz-delegated Council of Europe members, is just business as usual and does not require independent investigations and proceedings. After extraditing the Azerbaijani axe murderer and granting secret asylum to the Northern Macedonian political criminal Gruevski, Fidesz has once again brought shame on Hungary.

Jobbik is asking the Prime Minister why the governing parties’ delegates are trying to help hushing up a murder. Fortunately enough, the majority of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly decided to launch an independent investigation into the assassination of the journalist who was killed in 2017 while she was looking into the Maltese political elite’s connections with the Russian and the Azerbaijani mafia. Despite the support they got from their Russian and Azerbaijani friends, Fidesz delegates Zsolt Németh, Katalin Csöbör and Attila Tilki and Christian Democrat Lőrinc Nacsa were unable to prevent the Council’s decision but they did manage to smear Hungary. Jobbik believes the four governing party delegates, as a bare minimum, must be recalled from their office immediately.


Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary