"What a boor", "Hitting rock bottom": PM Orbán grossly ovverreacted in Parliament

In Jobbik’s view, the manners in Parliament have hit rock bottom due to the Prime Minister’s utterances. In his Budapest press conference on Tuesday, János Volner, the faction leader of the largest opposition party said: Viktor Orbán “practically called Gábor Vona a faggot” just because the PM could not answer his questions on corruption when he wanted Mr Orbán to account for the taxpayers’ money.

Jobbik’s MP says it is “utter boorishness” that the PM “used the accusation of homosexuality against his main political opponent”. Such steps are intolerable when somebody is “inquiring about the billions of HUF transferred to the Orbán family”.

Mr Volner also expressed his opinion that the state-financed media outlets had launched a smear campaign against Jobbik. He asked the PM to focus on Hungary’s key problems and moderate the people in his circle.
In relation with Hungary’s candidacy for hosting the Olympics, Jobbik president Gábor Vona had criticized the PM for “hiding behind Budapest Mayor István Tarlós’ skirt.” This is how Mr Orbán reacted to this in the Parliament’s Monday session: “I don’t hide behind other men’s skirts or better to say, it’s not me who hides behind other men’s skirts”.

The media asked Mr Volner about the referendum on the Olympics, too. The faction leader answered that Hungarian people were afraid that Fidesz would steal the money allocated for the project while the City of Budapest didn’t even have the funds to refurbish Metro Line 3 on its own.


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