We want a strong Europe with more solidarity!

The European Union has come to a turning point. The economic and social inequalities tearing the EU apart cause increasingly serious problems. In the world market, Europe is beginning to lose its competitive edge, which was built upon its high value-added economic sectors. The euro cannot exactly be called a success story either, especially because of the huge economic differences within the Eurozone.

The vision of the Union’s founders was a community which preserved its traditions and Christian solidarity.  History shows that this experiment was sidetracked. There have been increasing inequalities benefiting the core states while the periphery has been constantly lagging more and more, thus weakening the entire European Union as well.

Having recognized the acceleration of these negative tendencies, EU leaders have attempted to at least reduce the gap in some social sectors. Proclaimed in Gothenburg on 17th November, the European Pillar of Social Rights aims to promote this process.

Jobbik fully supports this forward-looking initiative endorsed by all EU member states. We believe it is the first step on a road represented by the European Citizens’ Initiative for a Wage Union. What we should do is not just treat the symptoms but seek out the root causes and find a solution for the body to heal. The Wage Union initiative addresses these root causes at a more profound level by aiming to lay out and guarantee the fundamental right of “Equal pay for equal work” in the EU Treaties. This could trigger the development of a more efficient economic strategy both at EU and member state levels.

Jobbik is astounded by Viktor Orbán’s words and votes in this matter, which are in total opposition to the interest of the Hungarian people. Let us call the attention of all Hungarian trade unions, NGOs and social groups that the Hungarian government’s actions in this matter are a betrayal of the Hungarian people, and they must be stopped! The 2018 elections will decide if the current government is allowed to continue building this slavery-based structure or we can finally start building a civic society.


Márton Gyöngyösi, Jobbik MP