We stand for the Transylvanian HVIM members who suffered atrocities

Jobbik Youth Platform deeply condemns the procedure conducted by the Romanian authorities against some Transylvanian members of Sixty-Four Counties Youth Movement (HVIM). Humiliated as Hungarians and human beings, they are deprived of their fundamental rights to use their native language during the procedure, while attorneys coming for their protection are dissuaded from taking the case. The Romanian media even talks about terrorist acts, saying that explosives were confiscated. Contrary to such claims, witnesses present at the house searches confirmed that the authorities confiscated nothing but some firecrackers for New Year's Eve in intact packaging, sparklers, T-shirts as well as Hungarian and Sekler flags.

The goal of the Romanian authority is clear: they want to intimidate the Transylvanian movement which has been actively involved in the preservation of Hungarian identity in recent years. The message of this unheard-of procedure for the entire Transylvanian Hungarian community is that if they dare to declare their national identity, they should expect similar brutality and deprivation of rights.

Ever since its establishment, Jobbik has been a champion of the protection of Hungarians living beyond the border while Fidesz merely views our compatriots living in the territories torn away as an opportunity to gain more votes. We demand the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to finally put its foot down and start protecting patriots with Hungarian citizenship living on the other side of the border from the terror of the Romanian state. We demand the Romanian authorities to ignore the rumours spread in the media and present evidence, if any. If there is no such evidence, we demand the detained Transylvanian HVIM member to be allowed to leave.


Jobbik Youth Platform