We refuse to be silenced

Jobbik will not lie idly by while Fidesz adopts an unconstitutional law in an attempt to prevent the new potential governmental force from connecting to the people who are in the mood to change the government. Left-wing parties have pulled out of the competition but we won’t.

After its interruption on July 15, we will now continue our outdoor media campaign and keep fighting for replacing the government in 2018. The stakes are high: we must stop immigration, brain drain and corruption.   

Using its own 1100 billboards, Jobbik advocates such measures as a payrise to stop the brain drain; the establishment of a special border guard service, the retention of the border fence and the termination of the emergency bond business to stop immigration; as well as the use of common sense and clean hands to stop corruption. These are the foundations that could help us create a liveable, fair, safe and free Hungary.


Péter Jakab, Jobbik's spokesman