We must support Chancellor Kurz’s plans

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz came up with some remarkable ideas last week. He appears to have a good understanding of the problems and challenges faced by our continent and the European Union, and his latest statements suggest that he can also present supportable and correct alternatives. We, Hungarians who are pushed closer and closer to authoritarianism by a regime of irresponsible liars and thieves, should pay particular attention to his words.

Chancellor Kurz says the Treaty of Lisbon can no longer function as the foundation for us to operate the European Union. Jobbik has criticized the deficiencies and excesses of the Treaty of Lisbon several times, so we can certainly support this idea as well.

According to Kurz, the migration crisis must also be addressed as we can no longer tolerate the practice where certain countries fail to register the illegal immigrants entering their territory. It is a very important warning for Viktor Orbán since Fidesz, which has clearly become a pro-immigration organization by now, appears not in the least bothered by the fact that 15 thousand unregistered migrants were captured at the Austria-Hungary border in the past two years (i.e., since the erection of the fence on Hungary’s southern border which, according to Orbán’s propaganda, saves Europe from migration). These people managed to get across the Hungarian border fence and evade the Hungarian authorities without any problem! Not that it matters for the Hungarian government which has already settled 86 thousand immigrants by now and is building one bunkhouse after the other for immigrants coming from Ukraine, Mongolia or Bangladesh. However, it does matter for the Hungarian people who might have to wait hours at the Austrian border again, due to the ever stricter border control. In its effort to cling to its power, the Orbán regime seems increasingly likely to deprive us from one of the EU’s greatest achievements: free border crossing. We cannot let that happen, therefore we must support Kurz’s plans to step up against pro-immigration governments, including the Fidesz government!

The other thing the Austrian chancellor considers unsustainable is the European Union’s ever-growing bureaucracy that creates one useless committee after another and hands out lucrative positions to people who perform useless functions. The only way to bring the European Union closer to the people is if we develop an efficient organization rather than a bureaucracy detached from the problems of the world. This applies to Fidesz’ appointees currently squatting in Brussels in return for the EU salaries, who never happen to be mentioned in the government’s propaganda... The EU should be more transparent and serve the people better. After launching the initiative for a European Wage Union to reduce the east-west wage gap, Jobbik proposed to create the truly important position for an EU Commissioner responsible for reducing the wage inequalities and promoting cohesion. This would indeed serve the Member States as well as the EU’s global competitiveness. So Jobbik stands for Sebastian Kurz’s plans in that regard, too.

We also support Kurz in the issues of democracy and the rule of law. This is a vital question for us in Hungary; in a country where opposition parties are imposed fines to push them to the verge of bankruptcy, where the freedom of the media hardly exists even on paper any more, where the state offices are filled by party delegates instead of independent professionals, where people are harassed on account of their political opinions, where the Hungarian Academy of Sciences is not considered valuable; in such a country, there’s no real democracy. And where there’s no real democracy, the government doesn’t consider Hungarian people valuable either. We experience it day after day. However, we want to be neither second-class citizens nor wage slaves. We want to be neither the EU’s poorhouse nor its cheap slaves: we would like to be the proud European citizens of a democratic Hungary that ensures safety and dependability for its people. We support Kurz in that. Furthermore, we also support him in refusing to allow the EU to be taken over by airheads. We want neither far-left nor such far-right populist airheads, such as the Hungarian government, to take over the EU.

Chancellor Kurz speaks from our heart when he says we can choose between airheads and responsible politics on May 26. We mustn’t let Hungary end up on the wrong side of the EU on account of Fidesz’ irresponsible madness! Jobbik stands for reliability in our daily lives and a circumspect, sober approach to political issues. Our message to Chancellor Sebastian Kurz is that he can rely on our MEPs.


Published on Márton Gyöngyösi's Facebook account