"We can't allow Fidesz to build a dictatorship based on wage slavery"

In Wednesday’s press conference, Jobbik announced the list of the party’s candidates for the European Parliament. The top 10 of the list comprises the following candidates:

Márton Gyöngyösi

Zoltán Balczó

Péter Jakab

Tibor Bana

Dániel Z. Kárpát

Koloman Brenner

László György Lukács

Ágnes Szalayné Pánczél

Róbert Dudás

Szabolcs Szalay

In his joint press conference with György Szilágyi, the leader of Jobbik’s EP list Márton Gyöngyösi said that the European Parliamentary elections had never had higher stakes than now when citizens must decide if they want “Viktor Orbán and Fidesz to lead Hungary out of the European Union and build a dictatorship based on wage slavery”.

In contrast, Jobbik offers the alternative of a safe Europe and a free Hungary. The party’s EP election programme was already presented back in December. The document specifies three priority areas to be represented by the MEPs elected from Jobbik’s list.


According to the party, Europe is undeniably facing a global challenge i.e., the migration crisis, which our continent and the European civilization must be protected from. Mr Gyöngyösi said his party was ready to manifest this intention in action and not just in words the way Fidesz does. Instead of letting migrants in, Jobbik would re-establish the Border Guard Service so that Hungary’s southern border could be protected by dedicated border guards rather than the overworked soldiers and policemen who are needed elsewhere.

Brain and hand drain: 

The executive vice president noted that nearly 600 thousand young Hungarian citizens moved to Western Europe as a result of Fidesz’ policies while 400 thousand are considering following them. The party believes that closing the east-west wage gap should be a long-term goal to be achieved by adopting a new cohesion policy in the European Parliament and by eliminating corruption. In order for the latter, Jobbik’s activists have already started collecting statements of support from citizens.

Autonomy for ethnic Hungarian communities: 

Mr Gyöngyösi asserted that the EU did not lay enough emphasis on the protection of ethnic minorities. That’s why Jobbik wants to present good foreign practices to call attention to the autonomy efforts of the Hungarian communities living in the neighbouring countries. “We stand for the ethnic Hungarian communities, not just in words but in actions, too”.

As an additional goal, he mentioned the elimination of fake news, which, uniquely enough, is supplied by the government itself in Hungary. “Today’s Hungary lacks the media pluralism that is vital for any democracy. The EU must lay down the norms that would guarantee the right for balanced information for everyone, including Hungarian citizens,” he concluded.


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