We are calling on Viktor Orbán to stop his crazy game!

The Orbán regime’s frenzy is approaching yet another shameful station. Initiated by 12 member parties of the European People’s Party (EPP), the organization is launching a procedure against the Hungarian governing party, which may lead to the EPP deciding to expel Fidesz in its assembly meeting on 20th March.

Throughout the past years, Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary has emphasized several times that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his party were less and less willing to comply with the European democratic norms. After the persecution of opposition parties by certain authorities, the constant smear campaigns, the political invasion of public institutions and the anti-intellectual instigations, Fidesz has finally gone too far. Despite protecting Orbán for a long time, the European People’s Party was unable to tolerate the campaign against Jean-Claude Juncker.

What may cause significant concern is that Viktor Orbán is now willing to attack his own allies just so that he could maintain his power that relies on intimidation and defamation. Shockingly enough, while other governments do their best to establish good relations so that they could promote their national agenda, Fidesz is willing to toy with Hungary as a bargaining chip just for its selfish partisan interests. Jobbik is aware of the difficulties lying in political activism without allies, that’s why we consider politicians who place the representation of their nation below their own political gains extremely irresponsible. Unfortunately, Fidesz’ latest act has made it clear that Viktor Orbán is now willing to sacrifice Hungary’s EU membership so that he could continue building his corrupt regime.

We Hungarians didn’t fight just so that we would have to live in another eastern authoritarian regime thirty years after the collapse of the Soviet Union. We want to live in a safe and strong Europe and a free, reliable and democratic Hungary! Jobbik is calling on Viktor Orbán to stop his crazy game and start acting like a responsible politician.

We are asking Hungarian citizens to express their opinions in the polling booths on 26th May and vote for the safe prosperity and the predictable conditions represented by Jobbik.


Márton Gyöngyösi, Executive Vice President, Jobbik