We admit it: we made a mistake!

We are fully aware how unprecedented it is in Hungarian history for politicians to admit they made a mistake. The admission of human error is especially unlikely today when we live under a regime controlled by a self-proclaimed infallible leader. Regardless of all that, we admit we made a mistake because we are not infallible. We are human.

On 19th May, the National Assembly passed the 282-article omnibus bill on national surveillance. It is an unchangeable fact that Jobbik, based on the suggestion of the topic’s specialist, voted for the bill. It was a mistake. It was a mistake even though we know that Fidesz’ two-thirds parliamentary majority would have adopted it without us, too. Although we have long lost any remaining illusions regarding the unrestricted surveillance in Orbán’s regime, the articles hidden in the omnibus bill have legalized these activities for the services.

The only thing that could exonerate us to a certain extent is the millennia-old wisdom that to err is human, but to persist in error is diabolical. So we admit it: we made a mistake!


The board of Jobbik’s parliamentary group