Wake up, Europe! Civil war has reached Transcarpathia!

The Transcarpathian town of Munkács (Mukachevo) is living in civil war conditions as the gunmen of extremist Right Sector (Praviy Sektor) engaged in a gunfight with the bodyguards of an MP and the arriving police Saturday afternoon. Unconfirmed media reports talk about the use of heavy artillery, several people dead or injured. The roads to Ungvár (Uzhgorod) are blocked, there are cars in flames on the streets, the secret service and the army has already been deployed.

Munkács is just a leap away from Beregszász (Beregovo), the centre of the Hungarian community in Transcarpathia. This is neither the East Ukraine war theatre nor a distant, theoretical threat any longer. Unfortunately, the earlier warnings issued by Jobbik, which has been accused of baseless panic-mongering, have been justified: the real threat and the real danger is posed by the extremist units of the Right Sector, which all honest Ukrainians and Hungarians must jointly oppose!

Jobbik has doubts whether the Western-backed Ukrainian government can protect its citizens if the situation escalates, with special regard to the ethnic minorities living in its territory. Transcarpathia cannot become a front zone like Eastern Ukraine! So the United States and the European Union both have a great responsibility in this situation.

Jobbik expects the Hungarian government to do its best in order to protect the Hungarian community in Transcarpathia and use all means possible to call the attention of the international public to the gravity of the situation as well as the threat involved!

István Szávay vice president, Jobbik