Wage union instead of double talk

In Jobbik’s view, yesterday’s debate in Brussels was yet another clear evidence that the Orbán-led Fidesz only represents Hungarian people’s interests in words, but it ignores the truly important issues when it comes to actions.

Tibor Bana, the vice chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on European Affairs said in his press conference on Tuesday that Viktor Orbán and his Fidesz once again performed the kind of double talk that we had seen from them over the past years.

While they continue their “hypocritical and deceitful national consultation”, they fail to take a stance in matters that would have a major significance in the future, the MP emphasized. Fidesz MPs sitting in the People’s Party Parliamentary Group stated yesterday that they were fully committed to the EU in every aspect, which leads us to conclude that the national consultation should not be taken seriously, Mr Bana asserted.

Instead of promoting Hungarian citizens’ interests in such issues as a wage union that could gradually and significantly reduce the gap between Eastern and Western European wages, he decided to talk about such topics that he knew his Hungarian media empire would be able to present at home as if he had stood up as a champion for Hungary and protected our sovereignty. Unfortunately, Fidesz only represents Hungarian people’s interest in the communication sphere but the picture is quite different when it comes to actions.

The future Jobbik government, which is to be formed next year with the support of Hungarian voters, will take genuine and effective steps to converge wages to the Western European level, and the party wants to amend the contents of the Labour Code as well because “the exploitation of Hungarian workers has reached its peak in recent years”, Mr Bana explained. Unlike the current government, Jobbik will truly represent citizens’ interests, he concluded.


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