Vona: We must teach our children to feel "I am a Hungarian and a winner"

We must give our children the feeling of success: “I am a Hungarian and a winner”, while autonomy efforts must become part of our national strategy, said the president of Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary at a commemoration held in the town of Gyöngyös on the anniversary of the Trianon Treaty.

Discussing the matter further, Mr Vona asked the question if we could do more than we had been doing year by year so far, i.e., that we attend the commemorations events, list our losses and name the persons responsible for the Trianon disaster. He also asked the question what the future Hungarian generations expected from us and how we could derive strength from such a disaster, and he summarized the answer in three “programme points”: remember, analyse, grow.

“There is no future without the past but commemoration must be more than just protocol,” he added. “We must take our children for trips beyond the border and show them what it is there that is still Hungarian.” We must give them the feeling of success, we must make them internalize the concept that “I am a Hungarian and a winner because I am still here even after so many tragedies,” the president said.

Mr Vona believes that our growth should be manifested in supporting autonomy efforts as well as in putting an end to the “new Trianon”, i.e., the loss of population and the emigration of our people. The goal is to achieve that everybody could prosper in their own homeland, “both the migrants and ourselves, too,” he asserted.


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