Vona: The removal of Jobbik's billboards is a "desperate, ignoble act" but we refuse to give up like the left did

By having Jobbik’s posters scraped off, Fidesz sank to a new low in its antidemocratic behaviour but Jobbik will even answer this unlawful act with lawful actions: we will replace Fidesz in the elections and then call them to account.  In Mr Vona’s view, Fidesz’ “political vendetta” is not the sign of power but that of “ignoble desperation”.

“Viktor Orbán is afraid of me, Fidesz is afraid of Jobbik, and rightfully so, too,” emphasized the politician. He added that Jobbik was going to call the current holders of power to account both for their corrupt dealings and their recent acts of injustice.  Noting that this latest unlawful act was not the first on the government’s part in the course of the “outdoor media war”, the president pointed out that Jobbik had always responded with lawful measures to any injustice.

- We told how many billboards we rented and how much we paid for it, while Fidesz has failed to reveal these figures.
- We answered Fidesz’ vandalism by pressing charges instead of vandalizing pro-government billboards.
- Even though it was adopted unconstitutionally early this year, we still acknowledged the outdoor media act and sought legal remedy before the Constitutional Court.
- Complying with the new legislation, we bought our own outdoor media space but our posters are now illegally removed from there,

Mr Vona listed the stations of the billboard war so far. “What's next? Will they adopt a law that only Fidesz can run a political campaign? Or only Fidesz will be allowed to run in the elections?” the president asked.

“We will confront Fidesz’ gangster politics with Jobbik’s civic policy,” he stated.  “By now, Viktor Orbán turned from a  fiery young democrat into a burnt-out despot. No matter how he considers István Tisza as his role model, as long as his methods are rather more like those of Mátyás Rákosi.” Talking about the stakes of the current struggle, he said it was not whether Jobbik was allowed to run an outdoor media campaign or not but whether there could be true democracy and freedom of speech in Hungary. “We refuse to back down and give up the fight like the parties of the left did,” he concluded.


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