Vona: Orbán’s regime will collapse quickly

Jobbik held a meeting (or a discussion as it was called) for Hungarian intellectuals, strictly behind closed doors. According to Magyar Nemzet’s sources, the meeting was held in a Budapest event hall and attended by about one hundred people, including communication professionals, lawyers, physicians, athletes and artists. Our sources say there were several “new people” as well.

Jobbik MP Dóra Dúró, who is in charge of developing Jobbik’s intellectual circle, declined to tell Magyar Nemzet who exactly accepted the party’s invitation. She explained that many people were held in dependence by Fidesz either politically or even financially. However, they are planning to soon reveal the names of several intellectuals who are involved in writing the party’s programme.

As shown in N1 TV’s footage, party president Gábor Vona spoke for an hour to the audience of intellectuals, discussing Jobbik and what the party would do if they get into government. Talking about the current cabinet, he referred to it as “Viktor Orbán’s regime” which, even though the calendar shows we already entered the 21st century, is still “the last 20th-century regime”. Acknowledging the government’s achievements such as the good macroeconomic indicators, the family support measures or the positive steps taken in terms of national policy, he nonetheless characterized Hungary’s governance with the following three aspects: corruption, arrogance and verbal warfare. He particularly emphasized the last one because, as he put it, it is designed to instigate fear in people so that they would constantly feel being under threat, from which only Mr Orbán can protect them. He also expressed however, that such policy was a dead end. “Orbán’s regime will not fade away slowly; it will collapse in a matter of moments,” Mr Vona asserted, adding that opinion polls were actually indicating a state of silence before the storm. He could not tell “when the storm will break out”, but he thinks it will happen “sooner or later”.

After that, Jobbik’s president talked about his party’s plans and guidelines for the future government. He discussed the programme that he had already outlined to the public when he was elected by Jobbik’s conference as the party’s candidate for Prime Minister. The essence is that they want to build a “safe, liveable, fair and free” country so that Hungarian youth could prosper at home and would not be forced to go abroad. Mr Vona also talked about Jobbik’s initiative for a European wage union, which he defined as an attempt to correct a system error of the EU.


This article was published in daily Magyar Nemzet. Date of publication: June 14, 2017