Vona: Orbán plays the freedom fighter but he is a liar and a thief

Describing Viktor Orbán as a dictator on his way to a final fall, Gábor Vona said the PM wanted to wipe out his biggest political rival. Report on Jobbik’s demonstration in Budapest on Friday.

On Friday afternoon, thousands of people decided to express their support for Jobbik, which the Fidesz-led government is trying to ruin using the State Audit Office (SAO). As it has been reported earlier, the authority imposed an unprecedented € 2 million fine on the opposition party without correctly reviewing the available documents or giving a chance to the party to appeal the decision. During the speeches, the crowd chanted that SAO president László Domokos must resign and Viktor Orbán must get out. Another popular chant was “we won’t be Moscow”.

Photo: Balázs Béli / Alfahír

When Jobbik’s president Gábor Vona said that everyone must overcome their fears, the crowd responded: “We’re not afraid!” Thanking for all the donations, he revealed that € 110 000 had been collected so far. He said he did not mind that the participants of the demonstration had very different views and affiliations because they had one important thing in common which brought them to this event. This common ground is that they all love Hungary and freedom. Hungarians can bear a lot but they don’t give up their freedom easily, he asserted.

“Orbán knows it too, that’s why he plays the freedom fighter. In the meantime, he keeps lying and stealing, he sneaks in our garden in the night and steals our freedom. He stops terrorists from coming to Hungary but in return he enslaves us and attempts to wipe out the opposition parties, starting with the most popular one: Jobbik,” Mr Vona added. Talking about the SAO’s decision, he said it wasn’t just a death sentence for Jobbik but for Hungarian democracy as well. He expressed his opinion that the demonstration was a turning point because it showed how many people were ready to stand up against the government and they all saw the emperor had no clothes.

As the party president put it: “We can see the look in Orbán’s eyes, we see how he moves and thinks and these things remind us something: the last moments of a dictator who is bound to fall.” He noted that the demonstration was joined by Politics Can Be Different and Momentum while Fidesz and the Socialist Party got stuck in the 20th century. In his view, the Hungarian people must take a step towards a 21st-century alliance while Mr Orbán is the symbol of the last century. He added that they didn’t all need to love each other but they must believe that they could have common goals. Concluding his speech, Mr Vona said that the demonstration was not just an episode in the fight against an unlawful procedure but a historical step towards a fair, honest and free Hungary of the  21st century.