Vona open to compromise with 21st-century parties

In his interview for Hungarian conservative daily Magyar Nemzet, Jobbik’s president and candidate for Prime Minister revealed that if the historical situation or the outcome of the national elections so required, Jobbik would be willing to make a compromise with certain 21st-century parties, such as Politics Can Be Different and Momentum, so that they could jointly oust the Orbán government. He also added however, that Jobbik wanted to win the elections alone, and they did not negotiate or coordinate their campaign with other parties. As he put it, it’s not the parties who should bargain and make deals in advance. He is convinced that the voters themselves were going to find the best candidate and party to support in each constituency. “Jobbik will run on its own in the elections because we believe we can win this way,” he asserted.

In his opinion, most people are looking to vote for the best challenger and Jobbik has become the only realistic rival for the current government since Socialist PM Candidate László Botka’s withdrawal from the race. Answering a question on the latest polls, he pointed out that Hungarian citizens feel more intimidated and reluctant to express their opinion than ever before. He believes that 2017 is the lowest point in Hungary’s democracy: many people are afraid to talk about their real political preferences but the 2018 elections will bring a surprise.

Jobbik’s PM Candidate also talked about the book that the famous pro-left journalist Henrik Havas was writing about him. “I felt that Henrik Havas’ decision to choose me as the subject of his book was a certain kind of recognition that suggests something about the opposition’s situation,” Mr Vona concluded.

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