Vona: Now it's clear that if you want to change the Hungarian government, you need to vote for Jobbik

Jobbik’s president Gábor Vona’s efforts to prepare for the debate with Socialist PM candidate Botka had been rendered pointless but the field had become clear at least, the politician said to hvg.hu.  Expressing his discontent over László Botka’s withdrawal from the race, Mr Vona added he had been busy preparing for tonight’s TV debate with the Socialists’ (now former) PM candidate.

“I wanted to use this opportunity to prove to the Hungarian people in a live broadcast that I was a more suitable candidate to replace Viktor Orbán and govern Hungary, and that Jobbik had a better programme to help our country rise,” Jobbik’s president told the news portal.

 “Jobbik has consistently been applying the same strategy since our triumph in the Tapolca by-elections,” stated the politician, adding that, as the largest opposition party, they offered a real alternative for all voters who want a change in government. Mr Vona expressed his view that there were Fidesz agents in some opposition parties.

“We know that Fidesz plays dirty and Orbán has become a dishonest, burnt-out despot who is ready to do anything and has a history of destroying any organization he could put his hands on,” emphasized the president of Jobbik. He added that Fidesz could not overcome Jobbik; they are unable to plant any moles in his party. “If I knew of any such people, I certainly would not allow them to stay with us,” he stressed. Overall, Mr Vona concluded that today’s key result was that the political race had become even clearer. 

“If you want a change in government, Jobbik is your choice. Votes cast for any other party will be lost and ultimately help Orbán,” he asserted.


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