Vona: Israel operates the world’s largest concentration camp

Vona: Israel operates
the world’s largest concentration camp


Jobbik organised a demonstration in front of the Israeli Embassy against the brutal Israeli offensive campaign in the Gaza Strip. One of the speakers is Gábor Vona, Jobbik’s president. 


In spite of the cold weather, demonstrators are already gathering. Our correspondent is at the scene and he says that there is highly intensive police readiness in Fullánk Street. The neighbouring streets are also full of policemen, there are approximately 2-300 of them. Police cars equipped with sound cannons and riot police units are waiting, one side of the street is blocked by a double cordon. By the way, the cordoned side of the street is also blocked by bars, so it is quite strange.

The participants of the demonstration include the Youth Organisation of Jobbik, the New Hungarian Guard, the Hungarian National Guard, and the Society of Palestinians in Hungary as well. Hundreds of people gathered on the spot.

Its embassy tells a lot about a country – said the first speaker of the event, Márton Gyöngyösi, the Jobbik-delegated vice chairman of the Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs.

 It is easy to recognise the embassies of certain countries nowadays. The US Embassy is also cordoned off, since the USA and Israel are forced into an alliance. What Israel does in Palestine is an organised genocide. While the USA poses as the champion of human rights, they fully support the bloodbath conducted by Israel.

The MP called the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs cowards for giving unconditional support to the EU. The USA provides 3 bn dollars a year for Israeli military purposes. The Palestinians have been persecuted ever since Israel exists.

Loránt Hegedűs, the nation’s preacher is the next speaker.


He called upon the Reformed Church to condemn the Israeli aggression. The Unified Israelite Congregation of Hungary (EMIH), the Alliance of Hungarian Jewish Congregations and the Faith Church supports Israel in this war, even though we have seen what they are prepared to do. The preacher will file a lawsuit against these organisations, because they cannot be considered a church if they support the murder of children. He stated that the Jewish people should disown their leaders. ‘Anybody who allows such tragedies to happen is responsible.’ They will hold a divine service for the Palestinian victims in the Church of Homecoming at 10 a.m on Sunday.


Gábor Vona is the next speaker of the event.


Jobbik’s president said that while Israel keeps talking about the Holocaust, the country operates the world’s largest concentration camp with American assistance. This concentration camp is called Gaza.

If the job is to criticise the Hungarian economy, the EU is very loud, but if there is a genocide, they are very silent. As he put it, he wanted to hear the opinion of Orbán, ‘the lover of freedom’, but he would also like to know why Steiner, Lendvai, Mesterházy or Bajnai did not disown this act, and why did not speak in the Parliament. Vona recommended the Society for Human Rights and Amnesty International to go from Gyöngyöspata to Gaza.

Jobbik’s president read out a ‘Israeli package’ of bills:

1. Take an inventory of all Israeli capital in Hungary and publish the data
2. During the term of the first Orbán Government, Hungary, Poland and Germany signed a contract according to which these countries would accommodate 500 thousand Jews if there is a big trouble. He called upon Viktor Orbán to declare whether this pact exists or not, and if it does, the contract must be terminated with immediate effect.
3. The partnership agreement, which we concluded with Israel in 2010, must be terminated.
4. Jobbik will submit a draft Parliamentary resolution next week, in which Hungary condemns the Gaza massacre and they expect all parties to sign it.
5. Since Israel is a terrorist state, politicians must be screened to see whether they hold Israeli citizenship. Israeli citizens must not be Members of Parliament in Hungary!

In conclusion, he stated that we feel solidarity with the Palestinians. Hungary is Europe’s Palestine.


Then the crowd of over a thousand people began to walk to the Palestinian Embassy. The members of the Society of Palestinians in Hungary, who were present at the demonstration, started off by shouting ‘Thank you, Jobbik!’ One of the leaders of the Palestinians received the demonstrators in front of the building. He thanked the Hungarian nation for their solidarity, especially those who were present here today. ‘You rarely meet such good people as the Hungarians‘ – he said.

The leader also mentioned that Hungary is under oppression as well, oppressed by the Jewish lobby. But Hungarians and Palestinians, shoulder to shoulder, can cope with anything.

The demonstrators lit candles for the Palestinian victims.

Our local correspondent talked with two young Palestinians. They have been living in Hungary for two and a half years. They thanked Jobbik for standing for the Palestinian cause. ‘This is where I felt a real Hungarian temperament‘ – one of them said. In their opinion, the mainstream media does not properly present the Palestinian situation.