Vona: Hungary cannot be dragged into war!

Vona: Hungary cannot be dragged into war!


Jobbik's president said that Hungary cannot be dragged in any way into the geopolitical game behind the Ukrainian armed conflict, and this must be clearly stated right now.

Gábor Vona says that the situation is becoming more and more dangerous for Hungary, considering the current state of affairs in general foreign policy as well as the ongoing Ukrainian armed conflict. Jobbik's president states that, unlike before, it's not a war situation thousands of miles away from Hungary this time, but it's a realistic problem of our country being dragged into a war at our doorstep. He also added that while scare- or panic-mongering was to be avoided, the Hungarian public must definitely be informed of this threat.


He pointed out that the Ukrainian situation is not just a domestic affair of Ukraine, but it is part of a geopolitical conflict (editor's note: Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico said the same) between the United States and Russia. Gábor Vona stated that a US-Russia conflict doesn't necessarily mean an EU-Russia, or a NATO-Russia conflict.


No international treaty can drag us into war

"Hungary can have no reason whatsoever to engage in a potential armed conflict between NATO/EU and Russia." stated the president of Jobbik, adding that "no international treaty can overrule the legitimate demand for peace and neutrality."


Gábor Vona called upon the Hungarian political parties to declare: in case of an armed conflict between the players mentioned above, Hungary will wish to represent its interests even in the face of a pressure from the European Union or NATO, and will stay out of this conflict, standing for peace and neutrality instead.

"This is no conflict of ours, and we are asking the international players to leave us out of it." he said, pointing out that the ethnic Hungarian community in the Lower Carpathians of Ukraine may easily fall victim in case of a Hungarian engagement. Jobbik's president also noted the important fact that Hungary was currently facing such social problems that it could not bear the trauma of a war. "Hungarian society needs the opportunity to grow, strengthen and develop in peace, the longer the better." he said.


We are in it up to our waist

He added that the reason why he wanted to express his thoughts about the issue was because the international signs were worrying and also because Hungary had already declared several times that it would meet its obligations imposed by NATO. The party president reminded the public that Hungary is scheduled to secure the airspace in the Baltic States as of next year, which means that Hungarian and Russian fighter planes will face each other in case of an extended armed conflict.


Gábor Vona also revealed that Minister of Defence Csaba Hende submitted a motion at the meeting of the Defence and Law Enforcement Committee of the Hungarian National Assembly on Tuesday to the effect that the national defence act be amended to include an "emergency" operation mode, in addition to the existing "peacetime" and "aggravated" operation modes. Even though the motion had not been put on the meeting agenda for technical reasons, Jobbik's president still expressed his concerns why such an amendment was considered necessary, as he believed it may have meant the preparations for war legislation.


"Unfortunately, there are more and more worrying signs each day, that is why I am asking all Hungarian political parties to stand for declaring peace and neutrality so that we could step up together and communicate to our allies well in advance that Hungary does not wish to be engaged in this conflict on either side in the future." stated the leader of the patriotic party.