Vona Gábor about the Islam


The press and much of the public think of the national radical side as a homophobic, xenophobe group, which is entirely insensitive towards various races. To be honest, I have to add that this kind of thinking does exist in some of our supporters’ mind, but I should also mention immediately that the proportion of these people is by no way more than among the voters of the FIDESZ (Alliance of Young Democrats) or MSZP (Hungarian Socialist Party). Namely, it displays an average social stratum which does not arise from being a Jobbik (Movement for a Better Hungary) supporter, but it is a social phenomenon, independent of time and space. But the fact is that many people think of us as a racist, anti-immigration group. This is why everyone is surprised when it turns out that it is absolutely not true. In Hungary, only the Jobbik represents the foreign policy of opening to the East, under which we have been urging the solution of the improvement of the relations with Russia, China, India, Central Asia and the Muslim world. (Our proposals have fallen on deaf ears until now, the MSZP and the LMP (Politics Can Be Different) do not even know what we are talking about and the FIDESZ knowing that we are right just pacing up and down).

In relation to the Muslim world often questions are arisen as the Jobbik, including me, has expressed many times its sympathy to the Muslim world. Already in 2002 as an undergraduate, before my graduation, after the change of the government I gave a speech at Vác on a Palestinian exhibition, after I attended a youth conference in Yemen, protested on several demonstrations concerning the Palestinian cause and so on. Even from our supporters sometimes there is a lot of incomprehension regarding my orientation. Of course, for the left and right liberal media the question can be easily explained, as they believe that this – only according to them- is just another proof of my anti-Semitism. Since the Arabs (here I must add that many people confuse the Arab world with the Islam, which fatuity doesn’t even worth mentioning) fighting the Jews and since I don’t like the Jews, they think my enemy’s enemy must be Islam. But this is not the case. So what it is about? For the illustration of that I have to go deeper.

My idea of society and people was formed and developed by such great thinkers as Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Mircea Eliade, Rüdiger Safranski, Konrad Lorenz or the all time favourite, Master Eckhart. But If I had to define the category to which my thinking and my perception belong to it would have to be the following: traditionalist. Here I should emphasize Béla Hamvas, Julius Evola and René Guenon. Their perception-and mine which I learned from them- could be characterized as an ancient, basic knowledge that was less and less understood by the mankind as the time passed by, and by now, in the modern era, our life –also known as global, neo-liberal, consumer- has sunk to the level of anti-traditionalism.

Perhaps the Middle Age was the last of which even if dimly but kept the light of the ancient tradition. But the process, beginning with the Renaissance and the Reformation continued with the Enlightenment through the industrial revolution till the modernity, darkened everything. The merely political economy’s writing is not concerned as much as I am about the subtle and intellectual strands of history. The United States of America was established as a state without traditions. It identified itself with a twisted conception of freedom and felt that its enormous power is due to its global mission. Which means nothing else than exporting its “values” to the world, whether or not it is needed. Since usually there was no demand for it, only the violence left of course hidden under the guise of such nice words as world peace, democracy, liberalism.

The traditional states of Europe –The Austro-Hungarian Empire, Germany- lost in the First World Was against those who fought under the banner of liberalism, and after a short interlude during the Second World War the future of Europe was finally decided. Meanwhile the globalism had worn out the great states of Asia. Russia, Japan, China and India seem to have kept their traditionalisms, but these are only surface lights beneath which in the depths, the worm of neo-liberalism rots the societies. The signs of internal decay are obvious and it is only a matter of time till the ulcer will be unambiguous and visible. From this perspective Africa has no power; Australia and South-America suffer from perplexed identity due to their much congested societies. Considering all this, there’s only one culture left which seeks to preserve its traditions: it is the Islamic world. And of course I do not favour suicide bombers and ruthless wars but at the same time I declare that today the mankind’s last remaining bastions of traditional culture- experiencing the transcendent in everyday life- is the Islamic world. I say this as a Roman Catholic man.) Its success or failure, in the relation of the Islam and America/Israel is not as important for me as from the aspect of mankind. If Islam fails the lights will completely go out. There will be no foeman against the darkness of globalism. Then the history will really come to an end and there will be no happy end....

Gábor Vona

Published in Barikád (9 December 2010)