Vona: Europe is in crisis, Europe is sick

"Europe is in crisis, Europe is sick" said Jobbik president Gábor Vona in his press conference held in the Parliament on Thursday. He added that this situation meant serious challenges and responsibility for everyone in the future. To address this challenge, Jobbik has proposed a three-stage scenario.

First, Hungary must conduct a social debate on the country's relationship with the European Union, including the EU treaties and its presence as a member state. The discussion process should include a debate in the Parliament, which the party will initiate this week. In Jobbik's view, political parties, NGOs and all social groups must be given a chance to voice their opinions regarding the European Union.
As the second step, Gábor Vona identified the announcement and implementation of the claim for amending the accession treaty and the European Union's treaties.
The third stage would involve a referendum, which would allow Hungarian citizens to decide how they wish to uphold the country's EU membership in the future.

Orbán is a pretentious hypocrite

Jobbik's president reminded the journalists how Viktor Orbán called Jobbik's proposal for a referendum unconstitutional in his response to an oral question in Parliament earlier. Gábor Vona disagrees with the Prime Minister and said that Hungary's accession to the EU was also decided in a referendum. So, Jobbik's president considers Orbán's opinion false and hypocritical. He says what is truly unconstitutional is the blocking of a referendum, as the European Union that Hungary decided to join is not the same as it was eleven years ago when the vote took place.
Gábor Vona declared that Jobbik's intentions were legitimate, which is further proven by the current efforts for a referendum of UK Prime Minister David Cameron's government. Quoting the words of UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond regarding the planned referendum on EU membership, he stated: "It is time to bring Europe back to the people."
Two days ago, Hammond also said that UK citizens had approved of EU membership 40 years before, thinking that the country was joining an economic community that offered significant economic advantages without curbing the sovereignty of member states. However, the treaties established since then (including the Treaties of Maastricht and Lisbon) have greatly extended EU decision competencies, even in areas which would have been unthinkable back in 1975.
The president stated that Jobbik's opinion is completely identical with that of the UK. He added that Hungary's right and opportunity for defining its relationship with the European Union must be restored. "It is time to bring Hungary back to the people." Vona declared.

Orbán cannot claim that he is the state

Jobbik's president emphasized that although Viktor Orbán is the Prime Minister, he does not have the right to make decisions single-handedly on such issues as Hungary's future relationship with or membership in the EU.
"Viktor Orbán cannot claim that he is the state. The Hungarian state is represented by Hungarian citizens and the society's right must be restored to make a decision in this historic moment, at this crossroads as to which path they want to take," Vona said.
Jobbik is convinced that in a few years, Europe will be quite different from what it looks like now. The only question is what kind of a European Union it will be and whether Hungary will be able to actively shape its own future.
Talking about the sickness of the European Union, Gábor Vona referred to the constantly aggravating institutional, structural, political and economic crisis, the gap between the living standards of Central Eastern European post-communist countries and those of the Western ones, the utter failure of multiculturalism and immigrant integration and the Greek crisis which clearly shows the vulnerability of the Eurozone. He also talked about the UK situation, which has opened the door for a debate of the referendum on EU membership.

Irresponsible, crazy vs. responsible

Jobbik's president also addressed the political activity of other parties. He called the attitude of the government parties and Viktor Orbán irresponsible. In Vona's opinion, the Prime Minister is aware of Europe's sickness and crisis, but he shirks his responsibility and conducts a smear campaign with such issues as the death penalty and immigration. Talking about the fragmented leftist parties, he said they represented an irresponsible and crazy idea of having to squeeze Hungary into a United States of Europe at all costs. He pointed out that Jobbik, on the other hand, represents the only responsible approach: it does not conduct a smear campaign and it would never give up Hungary's sovereignty. Instead, it would involve the Hungarian society to develop a practical and liveable relationship within the European Union.


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