Vona calls for Wage Union revolution but Fidesz refuses to join

In his pre-agenda speech, Jobbik’s president Gábor Vona informed the Parliament about the success of his party’s initiative and the beginning of a “real freedom fight”. The government’s response revealed that the list of wage increases in Hungary was too long to tell, and anyway, the government didn’t mind if we made a quarter of German salaries as long as Brussels did not poke its nose into anything.

In the 13 years that have passed since Hungary’s EU accession, our prices have caught up with the EU average but our wages have not, Mr Vona pointed out. “The price union has been realized but the wage union has not,” he summarized. In his view, the two key reasons for that is the EU’s unfair operation as well as the bad policies of the present and previous Hungarian governments. In 2003, Hungary’s average wages were a third of Germany’s, now they are only a quarter of them, he emphasized.

Reflecting on the European Parliament’s resolution condemning the Hungarian government on Wednesday, he said Jobbik had refused to vote for it because “we prefer not to air our dirty family laundry abroad”. However, he does believe that last week’s events clearly showed the difference between the government’s and Jobbik’s political approach. In the president’s opinion, Fidesz isolates Hungary internationally while it only pretends to protect our country in words, unlike Jobbik which prefers to act. While Hungary’s government is condemned in Brussels, Jobbik carries out the wage union initiative. He added that the government’s arguments against the project lacked credibility.

“It is not true that the wage union was going to transfer additional competencies to Brussels. What we want is to include the key principle of “equal wages for equal work” in the EU’s fundamental freedoms.” Mr Vona emphasized. Noting that Fidesz’ communication had reached its rock bottom, he quoted János Halász’ “Pee-Wee Herman Award winning” statement, in which the pro-government MP argued against the initiative saying that “if we entrust Brussels” with the wage issue, “it will allocate migrants to Hungary”. Mr Vona expressed his opinion that Brussels’ registration of the wage union initiative “means the beginning of a new era”, and “Jobbik will launch the real freedom fight”.

He added that the implementation of the concept requires the EU’s radical reform, i.e., a “new Europe”, which can be born with the wage union. In order for that to happen however, the Hungarian government’s policy must change as well. “We are not asking for the Union’s pittance, we are not begging for development funds that could be stolen later. What we want is honest wages that are enough for people to make ends meet in their homelands,” Mr Vona asserted.


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