Vona: Autonomy for ethnic Hungarian communities is common regional interest

Highlights from Gábor Vona’s interview for felvidek.ma:

“We are the only Hungarian party not to base our decision whether to grant voting rights to ethnic Hungarians on the political preferences of these communities,” said Jobbik’s president. In his opinion, when granting these rights, Fidesz was aware that a significant part of the Hungarian communities living in the territories torn away would vote for them. Meanwhile, leftist parties challenge these rights and would revoke them because they have no significant voter base in the neighbouring countries.

Mr Vona asserted that “dual citizenship is a matter of principle, Hungarian people deserve this right. Nobody is liable for being born on one or the other side of the border. If you are a Hungarian, you should be allowed to vote and have a say in the fate of our common Hungarian nation.”

Welcoming the intensifying V4 cooperation, Jobbik’s president said Croatia could have a place in the group, too. Mr Vona added that his party was going to propose the Hungarian Parliament to arrange for V4 parliamentary delegations to regularly meet and discuss specific issues, in addition to the already existing meetings of V4 Prime Ministers. He concluded that “I would be satisfied if Hungary’s national and foreign policy could help the region realize that it is our joint interest to ensure the rights and support the autonomy efforts of ethnic Hungarian communities and understand that such a move would not destabilize the region. On the contrary, it would actually stabilize it.


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