Volner: Border fence works, migrant quota is real threat

"Hungary is able to protect itself from the threats of migration, so Jobbik disagrees with European People's Party MEP Danuta Hübner, Chair of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, who believes that stopping illegal immigration requires a joint EU action," said the opposition party's Parliamentary faction leader in Budapest on Thursday.

János Volner held his press conference after the meeting with the members of the European Parliament's Committee on Constitutional Affairs who visited Budapest. The faction leader added that they discussed how to handle migration and, although Danuta Hubner emphasized the reason why the European Commission had interfered with the matter was because member states were unable to protect themselves from illegal immigration on their own, Jobbik believed Hungary was strong enough to protect its people from the threats. János Volner pointed out that the real concern was the mandatory migrant allocation quota suggested by the EU.

"Jobbik continues to reject the idea, our party was the first to suggest building a border fence and amending the Constitution," he said.

Residency bonds must be withdrawn

He also emphasized that Jobbik maintained the position that its MPs will not vote for the constitutional amendment next Tuesday unless the Hungarian government withdraws the residency bonds by then and provides a two-thirds Parliamentary guarantee that they will never be reinstated.

The opposition party's faction leader said the disapproval rate of the "residency bond business" was extremely high among Fidesz voters, too. "This system enables the relatives and friends of leading Fidesz politicians to acquire huge fortunes through offshore companies," he added. Residency bonds have also caused scandals in other European countries, the system has been criticized by leading EU politicians, too," Mr. Volner stated, explaining that "people want to see neither poor nor rich migrants in Hungary, the uncontrolled emigration wave coming from the third world must be stopped".

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