Viktor Orbán must not remain the Prime Minister of Hungary this way

"In Jobbik's view, if Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is unable to disprove the accusations of businessman Lajos Simicska's aired on Sunday, then he must resign" said Jobbik spokesman Ádám Mirkóczki in his press conference on Monday.

The MP added that they agreed to summon the National Security Committee of the Hungarian Parliament and demanded the hearing of all affected parties, including the president of Fidesz. He said that the Prime Minister's late father-in-law was also revealed as a Communist secret police informant between 1955 and 1957, so there may be national security risks in the background..
Ádám Mirkóczki says we can state that Viktor Orbán accepted the offer of Secret Police Division III/4, the only remaining question is whether he worked for and reported to Division III/3 as well. The answer probably lies in Moscow, in the currently classified documents of secret police informants.

He added that if the Prime Minister's former room-mate, business partner and confidant makes statements like this, the matter must be taken seriously, especially as it is related to the head of government himself. The spokesman announced that Jobbik would submit a draft resolution to the National Assembly in order to prompt the Hungarian government to request the Russian government  to give access to the complete secret police documentation transferred to Russia upon the collapse of Communism, and then all these documents should be declassified for the general public.
Ádám Mirkóczki says that if the Prime Minister cannot disprove these grave and important accusations, then he must resign, as the Prime Minister of Hungary cannot remain in office with such marred moral reputation. The Hungarian government or its head may also be blackmailed by another country or organization, which means a great national security risk.
In response to questions from the media, Mirkóczki referred to his five-year experience as a member of the National Security Committee and said he was sure that several files on individuals and political organizations are to be found in Moscow.

The opposition MP says there must be a reason why anti-Communist Jobbik's proposals to publish the list of Communist secret police informants or to deprive former Communist officials of their luxurious pensions have never been supported by Fidesz.