"Viktor Orbán is a psycho"

After the governing parties passed the “slavery act” in Parliament, Jobbik marched across Budapest’s Chain Bridge to the office of the President of the Republic. Jobbik’s president Tamás Sneider said they went to the head of the state because Fidesz MPs passed the slavery bill with a despotic procedure, breaking the Parliament’s house rules.

“We don’t want a new Bolshevism,” he stated, to which the protesters replied “we won’t be slaves”. The MPs and the demonstrators then walked across the Chain Bridge, which the police closed from vehicle traffic.

“Viktor Orbán is a psycho”

“It takes a psycho to stab his own people in the back and push them into slavery with a vicious grin and a blank look on his face,” Péter Jakab stated in front of President János Áder’s office. As he put it, even though Fidesz’ mamluks did stab their own people in the back, Jobbik still hopes that János Áder can block the slavery act. “We contacted the National Election Office and initiated a referendum so that the people could decide about this law since Viktor Orbán is mentally incapacitated,” Mr Jakab concluded.

Jobbik’s president Tamás Sneider said Hungary’s political elite had abandoned all social values and sunk into the swamp of corruption. “In the past few years, we have drifted farther apart from Western Europe, from being able to have a normal job, found a family and raise children proudly,” he added. The president noted that the Hungarian population of the Carpathian Basin had dropped by 3.5 million in 30 years because the political elite of the past decades had adopted laws like Fidesz’ latest legislation. “Viktor Orbán may be an excellent party leader but he is destroying Hungary,” Mr Sneider stated. He also pointed out that the overtime pay could hardly be worth it if people had to work 3-4 shifts and could not spend time with their families.

He concluded his speech by assuring the demonstrators that Jobbik was going to use all legal measures to help withdraw the slavery act, which was adopted against the Parliament’s house rules anyway. “Thirty years have passed and we haven’t yet seen a Hungarian government taking the side of workers,” Jobbik’s executive vice president Márton Gyöngyösi stated. “When he’s abroad, the Hungarian Prime Minister boasts how profitable it is for companies to come to Hungary because this is where employees are the most defenceless. This government has no scruples about exposing its workers to foreign investors. Foreign Affairs Minister Szíjjártó has never made a secret of it. Our governments have met all foreign expectations but there’s one aspect they’ve never considered: the interest of Hungarian employees.”

As he put it, Fidesz has managed to sink even lower than the Neoliberal policies of the former Socialist-Liberal governments. That’s why Jobbik turned to the EU and launched a European Citizens’ Initiative to reduce the wage gap. “We came here today to submit this petition to the President of the Republic and ask him to side with the Hungarian people and resist the Prime Minister who had put him in his seat,” Mr Gyöngyösi said before he and Tamás Sneider entered the Alexander Palace.


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