Viktor Orbán has lost

Viktor Orbán has lost – this can be stated as a fact after today’s vote in the European Parliament. The weight of the decision is further increased by the fact that many MEPs from the European People’s Party, i.e., Fidesz’ own party family, and even some of Viktor Orbán’s close friends and allies supported the proposal. Fidesz has sacrificed Hungary for the sake of its own arrogant use of power, non-consensual policies and insatiable hunger for money. When it comes to his own interests, nothing is too precious for Viktor Orbán. Despite its errors, the Sargentini report was not about immigration, Soros or the border fence but the rule of law and democracy in Hungary. It is an utter shame for the Fidesz government that no country has ever been subjected to such condemnation in the history of the European Union. Viktor Orbán’s power mania was needed for the Article 7 procedures to be triggered against Hungary as the first member state ever.

Instead of looking for scapegoats, lying and calling others traitors, Viktor Orbán and the other Fidesz politicians must exercise self-restraint, self-criticism and humbleness so that this unprecedented punishment could be corrected.


Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary


Photo: Alfahí