Viktor Orbán got scared and tries to order a retreat – Jobbik calls for new SAO audit

Terrified by the public indignation and the support Jobbik has received from Hungarian citizens, Viktor Orbán is now trying to order a retreat. Minister for National Economy Mihály Varga is suggesting the National Tax and Customs Authority to allow a moratorium on collecting the HUF 663-million fine imposed on Jobbik. However, this retreat is nothing but pretence. Just as the whole pre-arranged procedure was driven by Viktor Orbán's interests, this apparent retreat is motivated by momentary tactical considerations. So there is no guarantee whatsoever that the fine will not be collected from Jobbik before the elections.

Jobbik's position is that the entire procedure was unlawful, the fine is illegitimate so Jobbik refuses to accept it. When a fine is illegitimate, any moratorium or option to pay in instalments is nothing but a trick. It's just as if a burglar, on his way out of the house, offered to leave the TV there for two more weeks and the owners should feel overjoyed about that.

Jobbik demands the State Audit Office to revoke its unlawful decisions affecting the opposition parties and conduct new, lawful and correct procedures. Although it would solve the problem at hand but the State Audit Office would still retain its right to impose unappealable fines on opposition parties and thus destroy them. To address this issue, Jobbik is submitting a motion to ensure legal remedy against the decisions of the State Audit Office, too.

Jobbik thanks Hungarian citizens for their financial and moral support so far. We will continue collecting donations until the SAO finally revokes its HUF 663-million fine.


János Volner vice president, Jobbik