Viktor Orbán did not have the courage to participate in the European Parliament’s debate

Viktor Orbán did not have the courage to participate in the European Parliament’s debate on Orbán’s coronavirus law that granted him special powers. When it comes to the European Parliament, the Hungarian PM is apparently not quite as brave as he is at home where he keeps threatening and insulting Hungarians while stealing our country’s assets. Orbán is probably aware that there’s no explanation for what he has been doing in the past couple of months. It’s a shame he didn’t dare to come, I would have loved to confront him with his actions!

On the other hand, I also regret that the EP did not allow for a brief suspension of the house rules to let us ask Minister of Justice Judit Varga (behind whose back Orbán was hiding as he didn’t dare to come here himself) as to what Fidesz is doing with the Hungarian and European taxpayers’ money. We would have had plenty of things to talk about with the leaders of the Fidesz regime: for example, we could have asked them why they adopted a law to grant themselves special powers for an indefinite period of time, which is unprecedented in Europe. We could have talked about why they didn’t use these powers to protect the Hungarian people but to undermine the operation of municipal councils, just to take revenge on the towns where Fidesz lost the elections last autumn. We could also have had a conversation on why they used military force to put their hands on a private company. Furthermore, they would have been able to explain how stuffing their buddies with the taxpayers’ money or the shady property deals helped the government to protect us from the pandemic. Lastly, we would have loved to hear why they think Christian Democrats should tolerate that people are arrested for voicing their opinions; that the government spares no means to undermine the operation of opposition parties and that it no longer wants to lift the restrictions on free speech even after the pandemic is over. It would have been great to discuss these matters with the representatives of the Fidesz government. Although they were absent from today’s EP plenary session, I addressed my questions to them just as much as to my German fellow MEPs because we must not forget which industrial lobby allows the Fidesz regime to thrive in return for exploiting the Hungarian workers by making them toil for starvation wages.

I was sent to the European Parliament by the Hungarian people. As a Jobbik MEP, I am striving for a European community that serves its people instead of being the playground for industrial trusts and political back channel deals. We want a safe Europe and a free Hungary!


MEP Márton Gyöngyösi, Executive Vice President, Jobbik