Viktor Orbán and Flórián Farkas derail Gypsy integration

Lyukóvölgy (a neighborhood of Miskolc) is Hungary’s biggest ghetto and Flórián Farkas is the biggest shame of the Gypsy community. The two things are related: the squalor and high crime rate seen here is caused by the work of Flórián Farkas, the Prime Minister’s commissioner.

The question is what task the Prime Minister assigned to Flórián Farkas: to promote the integration of the Gypsy community, in which he has clearly failed, or to derail the billions of HUF allocated to such integration?

Up to this day, Flórián Farkas has been unable to account for the 1.6 bn HUF the National Roma Self-Government was given in order to promote the employment of our Gypsy compatriots. Instead of holding the organization accountable however, PM Orbán decided to give them another sum of 1.3 bn HUF while ensuring Farkas of his unshaken confidence in him.

What the government does is a clear case of abusing the funds allocated for Gypsy integration: just like the previous leftist governments, Fidesz’ politicians consider the Gypsy community as the means for their own enrichment. The government has no interest in solving the Gypsy issue as they would then be unable to make billions of HUF disappear under the pretext of permanent integration. The sum of 91 bn HUF allocated for settlement improvement tenders in the first quarter of 2017 is likely to suffer the same fate.

Jobbik calls upon Viktor Orbán to stop holding an umbrella of protection above Flórián Farkas! We promise we will not abandon him either: we hereby offer Mr Farkas a cottage in Lyukóvölgy so that he could enjoy the fruits of his work until his trial while trying to explain the other inhabitants where the billions of HUF have gone, which were supposed to be spent on them.

Péter Jakab, Jobbik's spokesman