Vienna on Jobbik's map

After Munich, New York and London, Jobbik established a friendship group in Vienna, too. Organizer Attila Eggl says it will be a huge challenge to open people's eyes in one of Western Europe's leftist and liberal extremist centres.

Apart from the United Kingdom and Germany, Austria has been the most important destination for Hungarian emigration in recent years. According to official Y2013 figures, there were as many as 36 thousand Hungarians permanently employed in the neighbour country while the actual Hungarian community may be much larger. Besides, the last two years have seen record high economic emigration and the number of cross- border commuters is significant, too.


Considering all that, it is hardly surprising that Jobbik established its fourth friendship group in the imperial city. (The meeting was hosted by the Hungarian-owned Corvinus Hotel Pension on Mariahilfer Straße.) Jobbik's vice president István Szávay, who attended the event personally, told us that the establishment of this group is part of a comprehensive organization process aiming to form Jobbik communities in each Western European or overseas city with a significant Hungarian population by 2018. "Jobbik members in Vienna are entrusted to communicate the party's programme and efforts to the local Hungarian population. They will not get involved in Austrian interior affairs, and neither are any of our foreign groups assigned to do so in their respective countries," Szávay pointed out.

The MP added that he visited the Hungarian Embassy in Vienna, where he was informed about the current issues of the local Hungarian community and he had a meeting with the highly-acclaimed civil rights lawyer Eva Maria Barki for the same purpose.

Tough ground

We also contacted Attila Eggl, the activist assigned to organize the local group. Born in Wienerneustadt, he learned Hungarian language and culture from his Hungarian mother. Attila Eggl, who works as a bodyguard in Vienna, admitted that Austria is a very tough ground for Jobbik as the mainstream Austrian media hardly ever airs anything but false information and straight lies. "Vienna is a Western European centre of leftist and liberal extremist movements so it will be a real challenge to open people's eyes here. Our goal is to ensure that Austrian citizens could get correct news about Hungary and the largest Hungarian opposition party. We also want to be there if people have any questions," Attila Eggl added.

The organizer of Jobbik's Viennese Friendship Group said they wanted to establish contacts with the patriotic forces living in Austria.

Eggl Attila urges Jobbik supporters living in Austria to join the community so that friendship groups could also be formed in other Austrian state centres after Vienna. -