US elections - Jobbik welcomes the victory of a lesser evil

US elections - Jobbik welcomes the victory of a lesser evil

Generally speaking, it is no wonder if the people of Hungary feel completely indifferent about the presidential election campaign of the United States since it is a parody of democracy in its classic sense - states Márton Gyöngyösi, vice-chairman of Jobbik’s parliamentary group in his press release on Wednesday.

The politician says that the two big parties have completely monopolized the political arena and the media, and the campaign financing that costs over 6 bn dollars in total have reduced the struggle of two candidates with only slightly different programmes into a clash of financial lobbies and a worldwide PR event.

"In spite of that, we could feel for the first time after many years that the minimal differences between the programmes of the two candidates had a great significance in the current presidential election campaign, especially in terms of the candidates’ opinions about the US economy and foreign policy, because they have a direct impact on the whole world. In this regard, President Obama’s programme is significantly closer to Jobbik’s values than that of the Republican candidate. Obama’s victory relieves Jobbik to a certain extent, even though it is only a relative value judgement: it is based on a firm rejection of Romney’s policy rather than supporting Obama’s agenda.” –Gyöngyösi states in his press release.

He believes that even though Mitt Romney was convincing in economic issues, he seems to have failed to notice that conditions have changed: the neoliberal economic policy which raised the US to new heights in the 20th century, has also led to an economic crisis that nearly ruined the country as well. Obama’s economic policy that is built upon an increased role of the government is better adapted to the reality of the world economy and is closer to Jobbik’s programme regarding the involvement and responsibility of governments in economic matters. – says the MP.

"As far as foreign policy is concerned, it is clear that all past and future US Presidents enjoy very little freedom from various lobbies, including AIPAC, the most militant Zionist lobby. Considering how limited his space was, Obama showed skillful political maneuvering, creating the image of a president who tries to expand his space while laying emphasis on diplomacy instead of sabre-rattling. Romney’s statements about Syria, Iran, China or Russia were especially staggering, revealing a total lack of the sense of geopolitical reality. – states the vice-chairman of Jobbik’s parliamentary group in his press release.