US cold war policy poses a threat to Hungary

In Jobbik's view, the Hungarian government should say no to the potential deployment of US troops in Hungary when the issue is discussed at the meeting of NATO defence ministers in Brussels. 

In his press conference on Tuesday, Jobbik spokesman Ádám Mirkóczki said the meetings on Wednesday and Thursday may pass a resolution to deploy heavy weaponry and troops in Central Eastern European countries. In Jobbik's opinion, Hungary must not give in to this "Atlantist demand" because "it poses a threat to us."

 In his evaluation, the United States has been taking provocative steps for a while, destabilizing and inciting tensions in certain regions, and "it is not an overstatement to say that the US creates cold war conditions." As an example, he mentioned the intensification of the Ukraine-Russia conflict, for which the primary responsibility lies with Washington in his opinion. 

 The opposition politician believes that NATO, in spite of being a defence alliance on paper, is in fact under US pressure and has explicitly been "displaying the image of an aggressor."

 Mirkóczki says Russia poses a threat neither to Hungary nor to the Hungarian community in the Lower Carpathians. "The latter are actually more and more threatened by the Kiev government" he emphasized. 

Poroshenko is "sending ethnic Hungarians to a slaughterhouse", and is passing such legislation and creating hopeless economic conditions which "will lead to their destruction" warned Jobbik's spokesman. 


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