Under EPP pressure, Fidesz puts off setting up party delegated courts – far from enough!

Jobbik believes it’s the bare minimum for the government to retreat from setting up the public administration courts but the best idea for them is to finally dump the bill on the establishment of Fidesz courts instead of just postponing it. Fidesz MEPs hadn’t even been sworn in when the Orbán government already lost a battle: even though they ignored the protests by the Hungarian public and many professionals, they did give in to the pressure from the EU and didn’t dare to risk driving another nail in the coffin of Hungary’s rule of law.

The government’s postponement of setting up the public administration courts for an indefinite period of time is not enough in Jobbik’s opinion. We have been categorically opposing and protesting against this attempt to eliminate the independence of Hungary’s judiciary so we believe this proposal must not just be postponed; instead, it must be withdrawn, forgotten and destroyed in a paper shredder for good. Symbolically enough, this Bolshevik, anti-democratic bill was the life-time achievement of László Trócsányi, who headed Fidesz’ list of candidates for the European Parliament.


Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary