Ukrainian crisis - demonstration against military drafting in the Lower Carpathians

Budapest, Friday August 8, 2014 - On Friday, Jobbik and Sixty-Four Counties Youth Movement held a demonstration in front of the Embassy of Ukraine in Budapest, protesting against military drafting and the settlement of refugees in the Lower Carpathians.

Jobbik's vice president István Szávay pointed out in his speech that the Hungarian community of the Lower Carpathians had nothing to do with the "mindless bloodshed" going on a thousand kilometres away. He added that several Hungarians were drafted nonetheless, treated as volunteers against their will, while the Hungarian government did nothing to protect them.

"This is not a Hungarian war, and neither is it the war of any other nation in the Lower Carpathians", so we must speak out for the Hungarian, Ruthenian and Ukrainian families alike – he stated.

István Szávay demanded that conscripts drafted in the Lower Carpathians not be deployed in the East, but be allowed to do their military service locally. He also condemned the settlement of war-zone refugees in the areas populated by Hungarians or other ethnic minority groups. Anatoliy Sava, a councilman of the World Congress of Ruthenians in the Lower Carpathians addressed the demonstrators in the Ruthenian language. “Now it is time for Ruthenians and Hungarians to realize the results of the regional and local referenda of the Lower Carpathian region and the Berehove district held in 1991.

Ruthenian people hope that Hungary will not allow such a genocide to take place in the Lower Carpathians as the one in Eastern Ukraine. Ruthenians have been living together with Hungarians for a thousand years and this is the token of peace and a better future in the Lower Carpathians. Ruthenians do believe in it” - concluded Anatoliy Sava.

In his speech, László Toroczkai, the mayor of Ásotthalom and the founder of Sixty-Four Counties Youth Movement described the Ukrainian events as "clearly a top-down" crisis, commenting that the secret services of the US and its allies were "busy working" when the conflict broke out.

Toroczkai reminded the demonstrators that the news of the Lower Carpathians are quite similar to those of the Yugoslav Wars in the Southern Regions in the early 90s. Just like back then, they want to draft Hungarian men into a war they have nothing to do with. He pointed out that the Romanian president and other Romanian politicians did make a clear stand for protecting the interests of ethnic Romanians in the Ukraine, while the Hungarian government failed to do so for the Hungarians and Ruthenians of the Lower Carpathians.


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