"Trembling hands, trembling voice"

In his Monday press conference, János Volner recounted his debate with State Audit Office (SAO) president László Domokos. Jobbik’s faction leader questioned the SAO’s president in Parliament but the answer failed to shed any light on why the organization, headed by a former Fidesz lawmaker, decided to impose a fine of HUF 660 million on the opposition party.

Listing the events that have led to this point, János Volner recalled:

The SAO sent a letter to Jobbik on September 28 requesting to investigate Jobbik’s expenditures of the given financial year the next morning. The next day the auditors came to the largest opposition party’s office, fully aware that the finance director could not be there to receive them. Then at 10:12, the SAO deactivated its own online data uploading function 3 days before the legal deadline, blocking Jobbik from submitting the report electronically. So Jobbik’s representatives went to the SAO’s office to personally deliver the documents on paper but the officials refused to take them over.

Jobbik’s politician asked the leader of the institution why his staff refused to take over the reports and how they determined the amount of the fine since the SAO’s resolution had no calculation in it at all. However, Mr Domokos avoided answering the question and started talking “with trembling hands and in a trembling voice, about how highly acclaimed and independent the SAO was as an institution”.

When Mr Volner once again confronted him with “the unlawful acts committed by his organization, he didn’t answer but asked back if Volner was threatening him that we would have him answer for his crimes.”
“I am not threatening anybody. I am just informing the president of the SAO, all Fidesz politicians and any individuals collaborating with Fidesz in violating the law and committing criminal acts”,
that the new Jobbik-led government will have them answer for their actions after the spring of 2018, “but not as ineffectively as it has always been done since the collapse of Communism; we want to hold these individuals accountable for real this time”, Mr Volner told. Even Fidesz politicians will have to answer for their corruption and abuse of power, Mr Volner concluded.


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