"Today we can state: Hungary is ruled by a dictatorship!"

These are the words of Jobbik MP György Szilágyi, who held his Monday press conference in front of Jobbik’s billboards destroyed by Fidesz activists. He expressed his opinion that the police was also privy to the plot. The representative of the largest opposition party explained that the latest events were typical of dictatorships: they apply double standards where there are different laws for those who are in power and those who are not.

As an example, he mentioned government commissioner in charge of accountability Gyula Budai, who works to the satisfaction of an entire country, and who had referred to Together Party’s action to remove anti-Soros posters saying that such acts were criminal offences with legal consequences for anyone involved in them. This statement was made by the politician of a party that had painted over hundreds of Jobbik’s billboards and when it was called to account for these actions, the vandalizers got nothing but further encouragement from the highest levels of Fidesz.

“This is the kind of double standards and dictatorship that we must eliminate in 2018,” Mr Szilágyi declared, adding that his party had pressed charges against the Fidesz-led vandalizers and he was curious as to how the prosecution office was going to handle the case. I am convinced that Hungary’s police is much more efficient and could do a far better job than being unable to catch any of the perpetrators of several hundred criminal acts. “In all likelihood, Fidesz instructed the police not to catch the vandalizers of Jobbik’s billboards, to look away and let them commit these unlawful acts,” Jobbik’s MP asserted.


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