Tibor Navracsics shames Hungarian-Polish friendship of a thousand years

By backing Brussels's move against Poland, Commissioner Tibor Navracsics shames himself and the government as well as Hungary in general. What the Orbán government's former minister is now doing is a clear demonstration of how he, as a Commissioner, abandons his former position, political goals as well as the interests of his own country and our region. He is doing so at a time when the two nations and the V4 countries try to demonstrate what is left of Europe's immune system and defend our continent from an unprecedented immigration influx and all related threats, from and instead of a completely incompetent European Union.

The Polish constitutional system or its amendment is Poland's business, it is exclusively an issue of the Polish nation and Polish interior affairs. Neither Brussels nor Hungary and nor even Tibor Navracsics has anything to do with it. Regardless if they work in Budapest or Brussels, all Hungarian politicians, along with our homeland, must pay utmost respect to the political decisions of member states and assist them in their efforts to create strong sovereign national states. Without such states, Europe cannot be strong, either.

Jobbik requests prime minister Viktor Orbán to immediately consult with his former minister and prevent him from smearing Hungarian-Polish relations and thus harming the two nations' unique cooperation that has survived so many turmoils of history so far!


Jobbik spokesman Ádám Mirkóczki, vice chairman of the Hungary-Poland Friendship Group of the Hungarian Parliament