This is just the beginning

Jobbik has achieved its goals set for 23 October and got the message through: we don’t want to live in a dictatorship, said Tamás Pintér. Jobbik was the only one to keep its word and step on the path of real resistance on 23 October, stated Tamás Pintér in his press conference on Wednesday. He referred to the video recorded at the party’s official event when they presented their latest political acts (including putting a padlock on Chief Prosecutor Péter Polt’s house).

“Jobbik has once again proved that we are the Orbán regime’s only efficient opposition with a real force,” this is how Tamás Pintér described the party’s spontaneous protest held at the central office of the public media. He expressed his view that “the resistance against this Bolshevik government must begin with an intellectual freedom fight”.

Recalling the events, he said about 100-150 policemen were waiting for them at the Kunigunda Street office of the state television. Several demonstrators were requested to show their IDs. There was another protest held at the central office. When it began, the Jobbik supporters marched over to Fidesz’s Lendvay Street office. There were 3-4 policemen for each demonstrator there. The officers wanted to identify each and every protester on suspicion of committing a criminal act but since they were unable to concretely define the charges, they eventually decided to disperse the blockade instead, the politician explained.

“In light of Jobbik’s actions, the passivity of the fake left and the self-proclaimed radicals clearly shows that they are part of the Orbán regime,” Mr Pintér suggested. According to the politician, Jobbik proved yesterday that they were worthy of the legacy of 1956 revolutionary Gergely Pongrátz, who assisted the party’s foundation in 2003, and taking the streets back  was just the beginning. Responding to a media question as to how they were going to continue, he said: “you will see”.

Mr Pintér also told the journalists about what happened on Tuesday evening after the event. Some policemen suddenly appeared out of nowhere and wanted to check the identity of Jobbik representatives coming to the scene by underground from the head office of the governing party. Tamás Pintér said the policemen told them they were looking for the organizers of the Lendvay Street flash mob. “But that event had no organizer,” he noted. He also revealed that Jobbik MPs were followed by a plain-clothes policeman who they spotted on the underground after a while but they didn’t know why he was following them.

The MP was also asked some questions about boycotting the public media,  which MP Ádám Mirkóczki suggested to the opposition MPs in the Parliament today. Mr Pintér explained that they were obliged to answer all questions from the media, but Fidesz’ propaganda machine, which is funded by billions of the taxpayers’ money, has been way out of line. However, Jobbik will still continue to answer the state media’s questions at the Anti-Defamation Press Conference each Friday.


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