“This government has no need for free-thinking citizens”

In his Friday press conference, Jobbik’s vice president Balázs Ander said Fidesz was trying to fly Hungary’s education back to the Communist times but the government’s ingenious businessman Lőrinc Mészáros, despite being smarter than Zuckerberg, still haven’t figured out how to build a time machine, so the party needs to amend the law to create conditions typical of the authoritarian past. The politician noted that the Parliament was going to discuss the public education bill which, in the MP’s words, “oozes with an authoritarian, Communist, Bolshevik, Fidesz-shevik mentality.”

Recalling the government’s scandal-ridden practice of appointing the leaders of public education institutions, he listed several examples when the overwhelming majority of teachers, parents and students supported candidates whose applications were nonetheless rejected by the government’s officials, and a hyper-loyal Fidesz-shevik comrade was planted in the director’s seat instead. The MP also mentioned the case of an award-winning director who had been managing a school for 16 years and he was removed from the principal’s position just to make room for a Fidesz-delegated local councillor. In Jobbik’s view, these methods are brutal attacks on the remaining freedom of public education, and the thousands of institutions, the tens of thousands of teachers and the hundreds of thousands of students and their parents.

Mr Ander voiced his concern that if Fidesz’ parliamentary majority votes for the bill next week, then there will be no chance to review or object to these appointees even though Viktor Orbán had recently told the European Parliament that he had no intention to silence opposition opinions. “This government has no need for free-thinking citizens. They want servants, obedient bio-robots who will clean the Fidesz-shevik elite’s luxury swimming pools and cars,” the MP outlined his vision of the future, adding that Jobbik rejected these appointed procurators as well as any direct political interference with the management of schools. According to the politician, the bill negatively affects public education, national minority schools and private students alike.

After the press conference, the MP placed a sign on the gate of the Educational Authority, which says:

Rule 1: The boss is always right

Rule 2: If the boss is not right, refer to Rule 1. 



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