The vote on the constitutional amendment

Jobbik’s parliamentary faction voted for the constitutional amendment wrongly called Stop Soros. The reason why we supported this “mixed salad”-like legislative package is because we agree with the basic intention and social need for giving priority to Hungary’s security and protection. We also agree with the protection of Christianity and private property while we reject the migrant allocation quotas. Jobbik’s main goal is to eliminate all legal loopholes that keep the gates open for any form of immigration, so we once again submitted our bill to terminate the residency bonds but the governing parties turned it down for the eighth time today.

As far as the “Stop Soros” package is concerned, we can state that the legislation has lost its Soros character since, contrary to the earlier bill, it prescribes neither a national security clearance and registration of NGOs funded by George Soros, nor a restriction of their activities that are against Hungary’s interests.

As a responsible opposition party however, we are obliged to call the attention of the public to the fact that today’s adopted bill, contrary to the statements of the pro-government propaganda, will not stop illegal migration, it is not suitable to protect Christianity and nor does it overrule the Geneva Convention, just as homeless people will stay in public areas until their housing problems are resolved. The bill also sets a framework for public administration courts, the actual regulation of which has not even begun.

Let us reassure the communities protesting against this bill that the legislation adopted today is impractical in its current form, its implementation is infeasible, so it will cause no harm. The government’s goal is not to actually solve the problems identified. What they want is to use the bill as a communication tool in the upcoming European Parliamentary elections and the Hungarian municipal elections.


Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary