"The upcoming EP elections are especially important for us, the younger generation"

It was on May 9, 1950 when France’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Robert Schuman released his manifesto to urge a closer alliance of the European nations. This manifesto laid the cornerstones for the European Union. Addressing the participants of the event, Jobbik’s MEP candidate Szabolcs Szalay said the upcoming years might be decisive for today’s youth because it matters a lot for them if such populist politicians come into power who can do nothing but create chaos and crisis or others who are loyal to the values that were identified by Schuman earlier. Hungary’s youth want to see their country successful and proud, he added. “The upcoming EP election are especially important for us, the younger generation, because we will have to found a family and create a home for ourselves in such a Europe the foundations of which are being laid right now when the European Union is facing a change.”

Leader of Jobbik’s list of EP candidates Márton Gyöngyösi told Alfahir that the future shape of the European Union was being decided at this moment. Although Brussels does face the important choice between federalist and nationalist solutions but Europe’s fate will ultimately be decided by the answers we give to the key challenges in the near future, he said. According to Mr Gyöngyösi, the key challenges are the migration issue, the reduction of the wage gap and granting collective rights for endemic European minorities.

Jobbik’s politician criticized the government for running empty communication campaigns on protecting the country from illegal migration while settling nearly 100 thousand immigrants in such towns as Kecskemét, Székesfehérvár, Tiszaújváros or Hatvan. This clearly shows that the border fence was erected in vain as Hungary is still an easy-to-access transit country. That’s why we need a special border guard service. The reduction of wage inequalities was one of the most important challenges and it was a key objective for the original European Union as well, Mr Gyöngyösi noted. We need a strong Europe which closes the social and economic gap between the western and the eastern region. Jobbik’s MP asserted that the autonomy efforts of ethnic Hungarians, based on existing European examples and models, form the foundation of his party’s programme because each nationality has the right for its own language.


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