The shame is here to stay

As of writing these words, we still don’t know if Fidesz is going to be expelled from the European People’s Party, or their membership gets suspended or perhaps they get away with each and every word of Viktor Orbán’s being closely monitored from now on. I think that’s not what really matters for us, the people of Hungary. The outcome, whatever it may be, will be explained away by the government’s paid opinion makers, or perhaps they will spend a couple of billions on yet another outdoor media campaign...

However, the damage is already done. From now on, the term “Fidesz government” will be synonymous with irresponsibility, unreliability, unfairness, arrogance in power, betrayal and rampant corruption. That’s what Viktor Orbán and his government mean today and, with or without an EPP membership, they will stand deprived of their dignity to face the world on Thursday morning; everybody will know that this government stole, cheated, lied, came under suspicion and when there was no way to salvage the situation, they betrayed their own allies and protectors, too.

In fact, they also betrayed us, Hungarians since a responsible government is always supposed to represent the entire nation and the whole country by the will of the people. Instead of just their pals or a close circle, they must represent all the people of Hungary. That’s what they were given the mandate for. When a government abuses the people’s trust and gets caught in a web of lies, unfortunately it’s always the whole country that has to bear the brunt of it and pay the price of the political errors. It’s us who will have to pay the penalties, it’s us who will have to make do without the withheld funds, it’s our western border that will be closed without consequences and it’s our brothers and sisters working abroad whose rights will be revoked without a second thought. And then Viktor Orbán will huff and puff and issue threats in vain because nobody will listen to the words of the despised leader of an isolated country.

That’s the reason why I can’t be happy about Fidesz’ shameful failure even though I am their political opponent. I always consider the interest of the Hungarian nation and the fact of the matter is that when the meetings are over, Fidesz politicians will simply go home but our country will stay in the dunce’s seat. Of course, those politicians won’t be bothered that much because if they were truly interested in the future of our nation, they would not have put Hungary in this situation. They wouldn’t have betrayed their friends’ trust just so they could bask in their stolen riches for a few years. Because no matter what they say, it’s not the migration policy that really annoys Europe. It’s the shameless misappropriation of funds. It’s the debilitating fines imposed on the opposition. It’s how the Hungarian Academy of Sciences was plowed under. It’s how the Central European University was driven away. It’s how judicial independence was undermined. It’s how they kowtow to Asian regimes. It’s how they disseminate fake news spending billions of the taxpayer’s money. And now the list ends with pillorying their former friends and taking them for utter fools.

Orbán’s European career is over. However, that cannot be the end of the road for Hungary in Europe. Therefore, Jobbik wishes to conduct a responsible policy: we want to find friends and allies to efficiently represent our national interests. We know other things than bowing down to the ground or kicking over the table. We know how to communicate clearly if we don’t like something. We know how to express it in a way that they understand in Brussels. Like it or not, Hungary’s place has been designated for a thousand years, and that place is in Europe. So that’s where we need to represent our homeland efficiently, and that’s what Jobbik’s MEPs will do in every forum as well as in the European Parliament. We will strive for Hungarian workers being entitled to decent European wages. Let’s implement the European Wage Union! We will strive for a European accountability for those who use EU funds. Let’s join the European Public Prosecutor’s Office! We will strive for a common stance against fake news. We want a normal public service media! We will strive for Europe giving a joint, united and strong answer to the migration issue. Let’s protect our borders! We want to represent all Hungarians.

On 26 May, we can decide which path Hungary should take and whether we allow Fidesz to lead our nation out of Europe and into a rogue, miserable dictatorship based on wage slavery, where the rules are rewritten on a daily basis as it pleases Fidesz; or whether we want Hungary to be a successful European country that offers predictable conditions, safety and prosperity for its citizens in their daily lives. Those are the stakes. Let’s vote for Jobbik!


Published on Márton Gyöngyösi's Facebook account.