The people cannot be banned!

For some reason, the “two-thirds majority” power is terrified of the people. The restrictions on the right of assembly don’t seem to have fulfilled the government’s expectations. As shown by Jobbik’s demonstration on 23 October, the government failed to turn critical demonstrators into a silent crowd that would not oppose anybody or anything. So the Orbán government’s chief hunter is toughening up now: he is trying to “take out” all those unwilling to bow to the regime from the major public areas. 

Jobbik believes that Zsolt Semjén’s bill, which would unconstitutionally ban opposition demonstrations from Hungary’s major public areas, is another step taken by Fidesz’ Bolshevik-like governance. The dictatorship of the System of National Cooperation is going backwards along the Communist timeline, leaving even the 1980s behind. We are telling them right now: it won’t work, we won’t let it happen! The people cannot be forbidden or banned!

Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary


As reported in the media, the bill contains a provision which would practically prevent demonstrations or any other events from being organized in major public areas during national holidays, days of national mourning or commemoration, other holiday periods as well as at the time of commemorations and festivities held by local governments – in fact, even for an unspecified preparation period before such events, as the organization of events will be the privilege of the central or local governments.

The proposal includes a list of specific locations which would no longer be deemed as public areas with unrestricted use by all citizens for public purposes if the bill is passed.