The “Palkovics Plan” officially fails!

Jobbik demands the Fidesz government to abandon its anti-science rampage and stop the vexation of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. We have long been fighting against the constant attacks on the intelligentsia, which are reminiscent of the darkest Bolshevik times. This unprofessional power policy is characterized by the government’s intent on wilfully destroying the research networks, which has shocked and outraged the Hungarian scientific world.

Jobbik’s leading politicians have been actively involved in the protests organized to protect the Academy as well as in the related political and public debates. We have used all available means to demand the government to immediately stop its anti-science steam roller policy that posed a risk to the future of 5000, mostly young researchers. With an overwhelming majority of votes, today’s general assembly meeting of the Academy rejected the Ministry’s plan, which means that scientists said NO to the Palkovics Plan aiming to nationalize and control research networks. We resent László Palkovics’ shocking earlier statements to the effect that if the Academy insisted on keeping the research networks under its own management, then the government would execute its plan by circumventing the Academy through an amendment to the relevant legislation. In light of the clear and courageous decision of today’s general assembly meeting, we call upon the government to finally acknowledge that there is nothing to discuss about this matter any longer. The Palkovics Plan failed. The government must accept the Academy’s decision which is supported by the vast majority of Hungary’s Academy members, and abandon its anti-science power policy immediately!

Protecting the Academy of Sciences is a non-partisan, national cause which all honest patriots must stand for, just like István Széchenyi stood for establishing the institution nearly 200 years ago. We keep fighting for an education and science policy that would ensure freedom for intellectuals and independence for the scientific community while providing a European financial remuneration.


Dr. Koloman Brenner, deputy faction leader, Jobbik