The Orbán Plan cannot stop the change of government in Hungary

After the Fidesz-controlled government offices, fake NGOs and State Audit Office, the Fidesz-controlled Prosecutor’s Office has just joined in implementing the Orbán Plan which, after having banned the freedom of the press and expression, ultimately aims to ban Fidesz’ only remaining challenger, Jobbik. The reason is that Jobbik is a political rival who has resisted any infiltration by the Fidesz mafia. In a procedure reminiscent of the show trials in the 1950s, the prosecutor’s office used the false accusations of the State Audit Office (ÁSZ) as a pretext to order an investigation on the grounds that we refused to cooperate with the ÁSZ.

Jobbik once again emphasizes that we have been fully cooperating and will continue to cooperate with the audit office. The problem is that the audit office refuses to cooperate with us. In order to meet the mandatory 5-day deadline, Jobbik was going to upload the documentation requested by the ÁSZ but the audit office blocked the website dedicated for this purpose. Then we attempted to hand over the documents in person on Tuesday but they refused to take them: the audit office expressly dissociated itself from this solution. After that, Orbán’s scenario continued with the prosecutor’s office ordering an investigation against Jobbik. According to the director of fake yet taxpayer-funded NGO Center for Fundamental Rights, the proceedings may lead to the party being banned.

Naturally, Jobbik will continue making efforts to settle this matter on the grounds of the law, so the party’s financial director contacted the ÁSZ via mail while our parliamentary faction leader János Volner initiated a personal meeting with László Domokos, the institution’s president so that Jobbik’s and the ÁSZ’ professional relations could go back to normal.

The opponent we want to defeat is not the ÁSZ but Fidesz, even if the government party, in lack of any professional arguments, is now using the audit office and the prosecutor’s office to crush Jobbik.

Our message to Fidesz is that Jobbik will block the Orbán Plan: we will not allow them to expand their authoritarian ways to all areas of life. Gathering all voters wishing to remove the government from office in next year’s elections, we will replace Fidesz, restore the rule of law and the rights that are trampled upon today. Jobbik is Fidesz’ only remaining opponent, that is why they want to annihilate us now. However, they are bound to fail because Jobbik, helped by the people who want a change in government and form a majority in our society, will sweep away Orbán’s corrupt and dishonest regime.


János Volner, Parliamentary faction leader, Jobbik